the day of miracles


No matter how much tight, the late last peg was,

No matter how much rebellious my morning mind was,

Sharp 8:10 AM, white coat and the same 107 no. opd in the hospital

Was where i belonged forever.

Before i could  recline on the same blue seat,

An old man whimpered and cried in guilt.

His 35 year old granddaughter could never find a match

To blame was his arm’s 2 by 3 white patch

under the off-white vest’s hanging sleeves.

And I was like, ohh I was thinking to take day off

this helpless patriarch was all in need of me.

Suddenly a call from the ems,

Leaving the 80 year old, i did sweep.

dude stop this culprit pill and add steroids,

I said to my medicine colleague.

On the way back, i grabbed a tea and few drowsy steps,

Some staff sister yelled my name with respect.

It was her daughter’s facial scars.

For marriage, she had only 10 days of her life (as if) left.

All she wanted was a miracle not treatment.

With a brand new face.

While hot tea was about to jump out of the cup,

I just wondered,

How certain conditions become so severe.

It’s not treating the white patch or scar that worried me,

But the increasing insecurities that still prevails.

Even though we treat it, the stigma remains.

In our society, where girl’s  marriage is THE SOUL END,

Of her existence.

Now we depend on Science for the miracles,

just for our own very acceptance..

what it’s all about …



Well, enduring residency in Dermatology “TO MENTION- IN INDIA & ITS HOLY CITY” makes you the most visual person. You see, perceive and reflect intensely. Not only the eyes but your wit and ideas hover from histopathology slides to the vitiligo surgeries with a couple of pemphigus patients praying to the god, waiting for one word of hope from you. It’s about the faith in those despaired eyes.

It’s about the beats of songs you couldn’t resist (when DESPACITO played on radio) while reading newer advances in psoriasis. Spontaneous tapping of the shoes, moving of shoulders and one sided tic movement of the neck with music while in the library. It’s about love for dance & life during residency. Life mishaps your friends suffer, for whom you were helpless, stories of suicide, depression and filmy extravaganza. It’s about someone needing you the most when you were going selfishly to the OPD to treat what? TINEA AND SCABIES, SERIOUSLY?

It’s about more of creativities your mind goes through daily, the restlessness in your silence and guilt of being not justifiable to the world, which blames your decisions. Decision of being the self. Decision of being able to protect people and shower wisdom. Decision to acquaint them of their inner beauty. Decision to become a healer. A HEALER WITH WINGS.

& there is much more

Till the next time,

A beginning to this journey with unhitched fragments continues…..